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Q: Do you recommend trip cancellation insurance and how do we get it? Yes. Visit Trip Insurance for details.

Q: What is your pet policy? We allow well-behaved dogs of any size and their well-behaved human companions.

Q: How do we book a reservation? Call us at 1-603-524-4000 (8am-5pm ET only). If you have any questions, use the web form to the right, or e-mail or call us.

Q: Why do you request a phone call instead of doing online booking? We want to get to know the folks who stay in our homes a little. Our houses are designed to be comfortable and we want them to be taken care of. Each of them holds some of our family antiques -- meant to be used and enjoyed, but not abused. This home is very much a labor of love for us. We stay in each vacation home anywhere from 6 weeks to 5 months a year, depending upon the house. We want our guests to feel like they are using the vacation home of a friend.

Q: Idyll-by-the-Sea looks very big. Is Idyll too large for our small family? Are we going to feel lost? Although we allow up to 20 folks to stay there, some of our family groups are just 6, 4, or even 2, and find the house quite comfortable. We are just a family of four plus pup ourselves, and designed the home so we would not feel lost while in residence. Every single small family group we have had thus far has commented that though the house is spacious, they never felt overwhelmed -- that it was, in fact, very cozy, warm, and inviting.

Q: Does Idyll have enough room for our large family? Let me answer by quoting one of the guests from June: "You have done an amazing job. Even as well done as the website is you can't appreciate the size of the house until you are there. We had thirteen people and three dogs and the general comment was that it never felt like you were on top of one another. There was ample room for our entire party to spread out and relax." We got similar comments form folks that have parties of 20 also.

Q: We have guests that will be in a wheelchair. The house looks very accessible but how do we get he/she or them to the beach? The house has a wheelchair accessible bedroom/bathroom (a friend who is a paraplegic told me what her absolute favorite assist devices were and how to configure things- plus I used ADA standards-- but her advice was REALLY the most helpful because ADA is pretty broad)-- a roll in shower, the bath room there even has drop down bars by the toilet-roll under sink- elevator, even lower mirrors and bed in that room- The bathroom is enormous and has plenty of room to turn a wheelchair, etc. The pool deck is accessible by elevator as are all the OCEANFRONT decks- Anywhere in the entire house I could position a 3'0' door I did- we have had several folks who came this year that were wheelchair users. They went down by the oceanfront pool or often sat on the decks, which look right over the ocean; we try as hard as we can to be totally accommodating- I totally understand everyone wanting to get to the beach so I have some ideas... The problem is CAMA and set backs from the property lines and walkovers- I could not build a ramp to the beach due to CAMA regs for setbacks etc (you know, the switchback ramp configuration) You have several close-by options for getting to the beach via ramps- There are several wheelchair accessible ramps on the island- The closest access option is the public parking area just north of Ocean Sound Village- like six houses away- It has a cut through the dunes- For that one, you would need one of those big tired wheelchairs (I think you need one with the big sand wheels but perhaps a regular one would work- the sand is fairly hard packed) The other option is to go to one of the public walkovers WITH a boardwalk ramp (public land, CAMA much easier for ADA compliance-) There is one about 1/2 mile up the road from the house- wheelchair accessible toilets there ,too, as well as playgrounds, tennis courts, kayak launch, etc. etc.- Nice facility-Paved accessible parking as well- Of course, the third option is to carry down the steps to the sand and put back in the wheelchair-- but I know that is the least favorite and perhaps impossible alternative-

Q: Do you offer rental car discounts? Yes. Visit Idyll Rental Car Discounts for details.

Q: Do you know of any good pet friendly hotels on I-95 as we travel to and from your vacation homes? Yes. Visit Where to say on I-95 for details.

Q: Where are the best places on I-95 to buy inexpensive gas? Please visit our I-95 guide for details.

Q: What are your Cancellation Policies? We are a small family-owned vacation rental company. Every guest reservation is both important and special to us. Reservations may only be cancelled within time frames specified in your signed lease (sample lease).

-- Carol and Jerry (and Jackie the puppy)
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