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About Idyll-by-the-Sea...

Sunset from Idyll's Upper Porch Idyll-by-the-Sea represents seven years of dreaming and planning -- time spent on a waiting list for this lot, and then planning, designing, and building this home. Our goal was to make this house beautiful but exceedingly comfortable. We hope to develop a group of folks who love this house as much as we do and want to return each year to renew, relax, and refresh.

We love this house and think it is wonderful (don't all 'parents' think their child is the best!), but don't just take our word for it -- Here are some comments from our guests...

  • "Over my lifetime I have had the fortunate opportunity to stay in many beautiful resorts and homes throughout our country but never have I stayed in one that was more professionally warmly and creatively appointed than Idyll-by-the-Sea".

  • "Delightful. Refreshing. Exciting. Unique."

  • "26 of our family gathered here in Seaside in 6 cottages. All of us agreed that Idyll-by-the-Sea was the absolute best of the bunch and truly the pearl of this community."

  • "We have been coming for four years. This house is the 'best'. Thank you for sharing your home."

  • "This has been two weeks of heaven."

  • "This is the most beautiful, unique, well-appointed, and fun house we have ever stayed in!"

  • "This house is spectacular! We'll come again!"

  • "Idyll-by-the-Sea is the perfect house on the perfect ocean!"

  • "Idyll-by-the-Sea is gorgeous. This is our 2nd time to come. I don't want to leave. It is like drowning in a sea of bliss."

  • "We can barely pack the car because we don't want to leave!"

We consider ourselves blessed to have this house, and it is comments like these that make us thrilled to share it with wonderful people who appreciate and enjoy it!

-- Jerry and Carol
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